Eclipse 2017 App

Don’t Miss A Thing With ‘Eclipse 17’

As solar syzygy draws near, SIU Carbondale has created a mobile event app to provide Carbondale visitors with quality information related to all of the campus activities and resources during the upcoming total eclipse. It also provides emergency information as well as notifications of important information throughout the weekend.

Find out how to get the app and options for users below:

What will it do?

The intention of the app is to help visitors better navigate their way through the eclipse events.  There are maps, a calendar of events you can personalize, links to special speakers, emergency information, and an interactive chat stream for those attending the events.

How do you get it? Is it free?

 Simply go to your phone’s app store and search for “Guidebook.” Once this free app is downloaded, just open Guidebook and type the phrase “Eclipse 17” into the search block; this is the name of our SIU Eclipse guide. Download the Eclipse 17 guide and it will stay on your phone in the Guidebook app. When navigating the app, use the button with the three lines on it at the top left to find resources, events and more.

What if people have problems or suggestions?

Please email and let us know if you encounter any issues with Eclipse 17.

How frequently will the app be updated?

Check back often. We are working out details and constantly making updates in this app. The closer it gets to the events, look for chatter about exactly what will be happening on campus so you won’t miss a thing.