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Classroom Activities


NASA Activity for Simulating an Eclipse in the Classroom
Students discover relative relationships between the Sun, Earth, and Moon and how the Moon can eclipse the Sun.

Bob Miller’s Light Walk

Bob Miller, an Exploratorium exhibit builder, explores the dynamics of light and how our eye can see the world through a pinhole of a pupil and how we can take advantage of this to make a pinhole camera that will let us see the world, in particular the Sun and solar eclipses.

kid at eclipse

Activities from William P. Blair

Virtual Ballooning

  • An interactive simulation that allows students to explore Earth’s atmosphere including pressures and temperature. Shared by the Adler Planetarium.
    Virtual Ballooning to Explore the Atmosphere. (n.d.). Retrieved July 07, 2016

Inexpensive Eclipse Activities from Michelle Nichols, Master Educator, Adler Planetarium, Chicago, IL