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Total Lunar Eclipse

The last total lunar eclipse of 2022 is happening early on the morning of Tuesday, November 8.  If you don’t mind getting up early, this is a great eclipse to see because it lasts a long time, and ends with sunrise in our area. While we are not holding a public event for this eclipse, we are encouraging you to get out and see this eclipse on your own. You can see this eclipse from anywhere, but it is best viewed from a relatively dark area.

What to expect: 

A full moon will rise the evening of Nov 7, and remain full until early morning, November 8. At 3:09am CT (central standard time) on November 8, the first partial phase of the eclipse begins. At this point, the moon will start to become eclipsed, and become more of a crescent as time goes on. 

4:17am CT, The start of totality. As the thin bright crescent disappears, the Moon will become an orange / red color. You will be able to see more stars in the sky as the Moon dims. This totality phase continues until 5:42am.

5:42am: Totality ends, the final partial phase begins. This continues as the Moon becomes less shaded and brighter.

6:30am: Sunrise. The Moon will set as a partial eclipse in Southern Illinois and the rest of the eastern half of the country. The partial eclipse will end at 6:49am after the sun has risen.

The location specific animations at time and date will give you a better idea of what it will look like in your area:


Nov 08 2022


3:00 am - 7:00 am


View on Your Own