Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller

This presentation on Buckminster Fuller will delve into the life and contributions of this visionary thinker. It will showcase footage of Bucky Fuller’s renowned dymaxion car in action and highlight his final invention, the Fly’s Eye. The discussion will touch upon Fuller’s advocacy for Spaceship Earth, particularly during his tenure as the World Distinguished Design Scientist in residence at SIU Carbondale, IL.

Sunday, April 7, 2024,
3pm – 4pm
Quigley (140B)
875 S Normal Ave #311,
Carbondale, IL 62901
No Tickets Required

“R. Buckminster Fuller is pictured inside his own Geodesic dome home in Carbondale in 1971.”
Thomas T. K. Zung, FAIA, stands as the enduring collaborator of Buckminster Fuller in Sadao & Zung Architects. Having been a student and disciple of Fuller, Zung earned his degree from the University of Michigan, where Bucky’s distinctive Ford Rotunda dome stood in Dearborn, MI. Zung’s professional journey included significant roles as project designer for Edward Durell Stone, overseeing projects like the Master Plan for US Naval Academy in Annapolis, the International Trade Mart in New Orleans, the General Motors Tower in NY, and the John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center in Washington, DC.

Collaborating with Buckminster Fuller, Zung contributed to various geodesic domes, such as the Spruce Goose Dome, Epcot Center, Dome over Houston, the Fly’s Eye dome, and the innovative “The Hang It All.” Zung holds six US and International patents rooted in Fuller’s ideas and has authored numerous books on Fuller, including the notable “Anthology for the Millennium” published by Southern Illinois University Press. His latest work, “Call Me Trim Tab: Navigating Spaceship Earth with R. Buckminster Fuller,” is available on amazon.com.