The SolarSTEAM project is a multi-agency team funded by NASA to complete research on the total solar eclipse event as well as related events. They will provide live coverage of this eclipse anchored at SIU Saluki Stadium featuring commentary and interviews from scientists and outreach professionals from the Adler Planetarium of Chicago, NASA, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, and SIU Carbondale. Solar telescope imagery from 80+ sites throughout North America.

Live Show Schedule (CT)
11:00 NASA EDGE, Heliophysics Big Year!
11:30 Start of live coverage from SIU Carbondale
11:51 First contact in Mazatlan, Mexico
12:12 First contact in Eagle Pass, Texas
12:40 High altitude balloon launch in Carbondale
12:43 First contact in Carbondale, Illinois
13:07 Totality in Mazatlan, Mexico
13:59 Totality in Carbondale, Illinois
14:16 Totality in Edinboro, Pennsylvania
14:42 Totality in Newfoundland, Canada
15:18 End of the eclipse in Carbondale, Illinois
15:30 End of program

YouTube live streams

@NASAsolarSTEAM: Eclipse 2024 Live From SIU Carbondale

Solar Telescope HD clean feeds (no audio)

@NASAsolarSTEAM2: White light
@NASAsolarSTEAM3: Hydrogen – Alpha
@NASAsolarSTEAM4: Calcium – K