Request Eclipse Glasses

Southern Illinois University in Carbondale has eclipse viewers available for schools in the state of Illinois. These viewers work just like eclipse glasses except they do not need to fit the students’ faces and therefore work better for a wide age-range of students. They contain a hole to attach a lanyard so that they can be hung around the students’ necks

Solar Viewer

These viewers will be distributed at no charge to schools on a first-come-first-serve basis while supplies last. Please note that the distribution of viewers is subject to review by the SIU Eclipse Planning Steering Committee.

Update: 10/30/2023

We are sorry, but SIU requests from schools account for all the eclipse viewers that were purchased for students and teachers. 

To purchase eclipse glasses for your school or organization, please consider placing an order with “Rainbow Symphony” or consider bringing your students to the SIU campus to participate in the Eclipse Show in Saluki Stadium.  Eclipse glasses will be provided to all attendees.